Practice Areas: Employment


Employment and social legal advice:

  • Substantial modification of working conditions: reduction of working hours, salary modifications, changes in working hours, etc.
  • Dismissals: Study of each specific case, strategic approach, economic valuation, drafting of the termination notice, calculation of severance payments, etc.
  • Personalized study of the legal situation of the personnel: active workers, contracts in suspension, access to early and partial retirement modalities and application in each case of the applicable regulations.
  • Legal consequences produced in each Company as a consequence of the different regulatory and salary modifications.
  • Advice and follow-up on union representation, relations with the legal representation of workers and guidance in union election processes.
  • Analysis of new contractual developments and the effects of their application on the newly hired workforce; bonuses, temporary contracts, etc.
  • Debt claims against the Social Security; preparation of ordinary appeals against debt claims; follow-up in voluntary and executive proceedings.
  • Preparation of writings before the Social Security and the State Employment Service (SEPE); writings of correction of errors, modification agreements, writings of affiliation of the workers, etc.
  • Doubts and queries regarding the correct application of the regulations contained in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, especially regarding leaves of absence, vacations, and leaves of absence of personnel.
  • Application of the disciplinary regime to a lesser degree than dismissal.
  • Qualification of faults and applicable sanctions, drafting of sanction or warning letters.

Assistance of Counsel - Representation in summons promoted by Labor and Social Administration Agencies - Defense before Judges and Courts:

  • Face-to-face management of debt claims before the Social Security General Treasury Administrations.
  • Appearance and representation before the Labour Inspection services; complaints filed or ex-officio actions.
  • Attendance of summons to the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service; lawsuits for dismissal, quantity claims, sanctions, etc.
  • Defense before the Social Courts, Superior Court of Justice, and Supreme Court, Social and Contentious-Administrative Chambers.

We offer a complete labor legal advice service (preventive and in case of litigation).

  • We develop and implement equality policies in the company (both SMEs and large companies), which involves all those measures aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, and eliminating discrimination based on sex (equality plans, work-life balance, codes of conduct, wage gap, etc...).
  • elaboration and implementation of protocols in the company (harassment, LGTBI, etc...).
  • advice and management for the family home service.
  • advice and attention to all types of labour and Social Security legal consultations (working hours, leaves of absence, remuneration, etc).
  • processing and negotiation of employment regulation proceedings, both suspensive and extinctive.
  • preparation and issuance of legal reports on any matter subject to legal assessment.
  • processing of all types of disciplinary proceedings.
  • legal assistance in all types of proceedings before any legal-labour administration (inspection, mediation service, arbitration, and conciliation, etc...).
  • defense and representation in employment and administrative proceedings before any court or tribunal of the social and contentious-administrative order in all instances.
  • elaboration of social and employment audits: legality, management, risk and more.