Practice Areas: Tax


We provide services in relation to the National taxation, (encompassing all taxes within the Spanish tax system. Among these services, we provide counsel on:

  • Tax advice on the establishment and expansion of companies in Spain.
  • Restructuring of substantial/large estates for optimal tax efficiency.
  • Optimization of savings income. Coordination and joint work with clients' private bankers.
  • Advice on transactions involving purchases, sales, mergers, spin-offs, contributions of business branches, and exchanges of securities and affected assets.
  • Real estate taxation, optimization of property acquisition and transfer, as well as the planning of developments and real estate opportunities.
  • Tax advice to family businesses in planning their income and preparing for the future asset transfers.
  • Advice on inheritance tax law.
  • Representation in administrative and contentious proceedings with the Tax Authorities.
  • Assistance and advice during tax inspections.
  • Drafting and submission of tax queries.
  • Handling of economic-administrative claims and contradictory expert appraisal procedures.
  • Advice and review (due diligence) of companies involved in operations of acquisition, transfer, or takeover.
  • Tax advice on the tax systems of the Basque Country and Navarre.
  • Canary Islands Special Zone.

Additionally, we provide services regarding international taxation

  • Advice and planning of Spanish investments abroad.
  • Advice and planning of foreign investments in Spain.
  • Consultation for Foreign Securities Holding Entities (ETVEs)..