Real Estate and Urban Planning


Sectors: Real Estate and Urban Planning


We offer legal counsel on urban developments and real estate ventures.



  1. Legal Advice: We offer legal counsel on urban and real estate developments.
  2. Compensation Boards Management: We provide management by Compensation Boards and development agents.
  3. Licenses and Authorizations: We assist with obtaining necessary licenses and authorizations.
  4. Urban Planning Discipline: We adhere to the discipline of urban planning in all our operations.
  5. Plan Formulation and Management: We formulate and manage urban, infrastructure, and environmental plans.
  6. Urban Development Agreements: We handle urban development agreements, urban planning, and management.

Real Estate


  1. Real Estate Transaction Advice: We provide advisory services on all aspects of real estate transactions.
  2. Due Diligence: We conduct legal, fiscal, technical, urban planning, environmental, administrative, ITE's, etc. due diligence.
  3. Independent Reports: We prepare independent reports encompassing technical, financial, insurance, environmental aspects, certifications, etc.
  4. Transaction Structuring: We handle tax, commercial, and financial structuring of transactions, including the creation of ad hoc corporate vehicles.
  5. Contract Negotiation and Drafting: We provide negotiation and drafting of LOIs, binding offers and purchase and sale contracts.
  6. Financing Agreements: We assist with financing, refinancing, and guarantee agreements.
  7. Leasing Contracts: We negotiate and draft leasing contracts to protect your interests.
  8. Asset Management: We offer asset management services, including periodic reporting and cash flow analysis, among others.
  9. Real Estate Insurance: We provide advice on real estate insurance to safeguard your investments.