Criminal Procedure


Practice Areas: Criminal Procedure


We offer our services on filing and defense of criminal actions in the following proceedings:

  • Economic crimes against patrimony and the socioeconomic order (including fraud, misappropriation, misappropriation of assets and punishable insolvency, punishable bankruptcy proceedings, fraud, and forgery).
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against persons, honour, privacy, and self-image (such as libel, slander, discovery, and disclosure of secrets).
  • Crimes against occupational health and safety and against Workers' Rights.
  • Intellectual and industrial property crimes (computer crime, infringement of copyrights, trademarks, and patents).
  • Corporate offenses involving fraudulent administration, accounting offenses and infringement of shareholders' rights.
  • Tax and Social Security Offenses.
  • Crimes against Collective Security (such as crimes against public health, crimes against risk, fire, and traffic safety).
  • Proceedings for offenses related to market manipulation and consumer rights (such as insider trading and advertising offenses).
  • Crimes against the public administration and the administration of justice (including prevarication, embezzlement, influence peddling).
  • Extradition proceedings.