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Víctor Castrillo Arenas

Víctor Castrillo Arenas is a lawyer in the Tax Law practice of ProLaw & Iberia Abogados.
Before joining ProLaw, he did his law degree internship, as an intern at the Actio Summa law firm (March-April 2019), where he became familiar with attending hearings and oral trials.
He serves as a legal practitioner specializing in Tax Law at ProLaw & Iberia Abogados. Prior to his position at ProLaw, he gained practical experience during his law degree internship at Actio Summa law firm (March-April 2019). This opportunity allowed him to familiarize himself with the dynamics of attending hearings and participating in oral trials.
His legal career began with an internship at Legale Abogados S.L.P.(September 2021-January 2022), as part of his Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession program. During this period, he gained practical knowledge about the intricacies of banking claims for floor clauses and other mass claim procedures. His role involved drafting claims, corresponding with judicial bodies, and handling client interactions.
After the successful completion of his internship, he embarked on his career as a practicing lawyer, dedicating his efforts to collaborate with other legal professionals. Simultaneously, he pursued further academic excellence by enrolling in his second Master’s Degree, specializing in Taxation and Tax Consulting (March 2022 - July 2023).
His pursuit of knowledge continued with an extracurricular internship for the Master in Tax Consulting in September 2023. This was followed by his curricular internship for the same Master’s program (October-December 2023) at ProLaw Abogados.
His professional practice has focused on the tax field, advising on:

  • Tax matters and direct and indirect taxation, to Spanish and international companies and to individuals.
  • Tax planning for family businesses.
  • Management, collection, sanctioning and tax inspection procedures.
  • Claims before administrative and contentious bodies and courts.
  • Attendance at oral trials and hearings, in the exercise of his activity as a lawyer.


  • Tax Law
  • Banking Law
  • Civil and Criminal Law


  • Master in Taxation and Tax Consulting. Center for Financial Studies (CEF), 2023-2024.
  • Master of Access to the Legal Profession. University of Burgos, 2020-2022.
  • Outstanding grade in Master's Thesis and External Master's Practice.
  • Erasmus EC Action Program for the mobility of University Students. Lisbon, 2019-2020.
  • Title of Partitioning Accountant, 2018.
  • Degree in Law University of Burgos, 2015-2019.


  • Spanish
  • English: B2

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Víctor Castrillo Arenas

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