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Accounting/Tax Advisor

Íñigo Molero Menéndez

Íñigo Molero Menéndez is an accounting/tax advisor at Asap Corporate Services S.L. since September of 2014.
Before joining Asap, he worked at ISTMO SA (1994-1996) providing systems for the comprehensive security of bank offices and branches nationwide at INFRAESTRUCTURA Y ECOLOGIA SL (1996-2013), a national company focused on the development of Environmental engineering.
His professional practice has focused on the fields of financial management, accounting, and consulting, advising on, and fulfilling the tasks of:

  • Directing and controlling the analytical and general accounting processes of companies and joint ventures of the firm in Spain.
  • Negotiating with financial entities in order to optimize cash flows.
  • Analytical accounting.
  • Accounting consolidation.
  • Preparation and presentation of the SII (Immediate Supply of Information to the AEAT)
  • Presentation of monthly, quarterly and/or annual taxes.
  • Carrying out financial reporting to the group, tax, and commercial authorities.
  • Tax planning that ensures compliance with tax obligations.
  • Preparation of the annual budget.
  • Providing all data correctly for external audits.


  • Financial Management
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting
  • Business administration


  • Banking
  • Advisory Services
  • Financial
  • Treasury
  • Prosecutor


  • Master’s Degree in Financial Markets and Stock Market taught at CUNEF.
  • Business Administration at the San Pablo CEU University, Madrid.
  • Foreign Trade Course at the San Pablo CEU University, Madrid.


  • Spanish
  • English

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Íñigo Molero Menéndez

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Tel.: +34 911281782


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